Where To Get Movie Codes

Over the past 2 years I have become a huge fan of UltraViolet and have collected over 450+ movies! I am able to watch new and old movies on my devices (Roku, iPad, PS4, etc) with no issues. Though I have purchased a few movies and redeemed the codes, I have also traded and bought a few codes from others online.

A big majority of codes I have received have been from a website known for digital codes, ListiaListia is an online auction site which is free to join and free to participate in. The way it works is easy, think of Ebay with no money involved. Everything is done using Listia credits, which are earned by auctioning off items, signing in daily, commenting, doing surveys and more.

Users list new movies for as low as 500 credits, while new releases from an HD source could go as high as 9000 credits. I always look for codes that are listed on day of DVD or Blu-Ray release.

listiascreen Like Ebay, always look for sellers with a good sellers rating. The sellers rating is always next to the name.
Never pay for shipping on a digital code and always ask to have the code sent via message or email.
Make sure to always leave feedback on completed auctions, sometimes you will get free credits.
I find using the search feature on the site and app are the best way of finding items. I always use keywords like “code” or “digital” to find the codes.

Sign up and enjoy the fun!

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