Star Wars On Digital?

MovieWeb has an interesting article in that they have found a Disney digital ad on an Italian Disney site. The ad (below for reference) features clips from a few Star Wars movies on a laptop at about 21 secs into the ad.

Though the ad is in Iltalian here is what has been translated by MovieWeb:

“Enter Disney’s magical world, with the brand new site All your favorite Disney characters await you, including the most engaging TV series and plenty of exclusive videos and content. Amazing apps and games and a online community to share your passions. All of this, simply from any PC, tablets or smartphones. Carry the Disney’s magic always on you.”

Though 20th Century Fox owns the rights to the original trilogy, Disney did purchase Lucasfilm back in 2013. Could this finally mean a digital release of Star Wars on digital?

As for me, I have the original trilogy on VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray. Special Edition trilogy on DVD. Just looking to get them on Digital! Forget the prequels, no need to mention them.

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