Redeeming Foreign Codes In The U.S.

Foreign UltraViolet codes are common on trade and auction sites. Foreign codes can usually be had for much less than a US based code, especially if you are on a US based web site. All codes can be redeemed and added to a US based UltraViolet account with a few steps.

You must have the Google Chrome web browser to use this method, if you do not have Chrome you can download it here.

1) Install the Hola Better Internet Extension from here

2) Once installed, click on it and enable it (don’t select country yet)

3) Open a new tab and go to the Flixster redeem url

4) Click on Hola and select the CA flag (or UK flag if redeeming a UK code)


5) The Flixster page will automatically reload, search for the movie

6) Enter your code to redeem

7) When done click on the UK Flag and then click go back to the United States Flag

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