How To Check The Validity Of A UV Code

Have you received or found an UltraViolet code and wondered if it was used? I will let you know how to check the validity of an UltraViolet code using

Weather you have a Vudu account or not, you can still check if a code has been used.

1. First log out of and (yes both).

2. Next navigate to “Redeen Ultraviolet Copy”


3. Search for the movie which you have the code for in the search box


4. Enter the code in the redeem box and click “Submit”


If you get this message, the code has already been used.


If you get a login prompt, the code has not been used and can be redeemed.


You can login using a Vudu or Facebook account to redeem the code. Once logged in, the code will be used.

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