Google Play Comes To Roku

roku Roku extends its app selection with the addition of Google Play. Google play is a huge addition to the Roku channel market, especially for Android faithful. By adding the Google Play channel to your Roku device and linking it to your Google account, you will get a free digital HD copy of X-Men. x-men_2000_3030_poster

Google launched Android market back in 2008, but re-branded the online store as Google Play in 2012. Google Play for most of its life span has been solely accessible to Android devices, but Google released the Google Play iOs app earlier in 2014 and has decided to extend its reach with set top boxes.
The Android mobile operating system, owned by Google, is in more mobile devices than any other operating system. So anyone who has been a Android fan and has purchased movies using Google Play will rejoice to this addition to Roku.

Discover a better movies experience with Google Play. Enjoy thousands of Movies and TV shows – from the latest blockbusters to the unforgettable classics – weeks before they are available on DVD, Redbox, or Netflix.

Google is like iTunes, in that they offer a variety of movies and TV shows to rent, buy and watch. Google like Apple, is not part of the Ultraviolet consortium therefore any movies or TV shows purchased must be watched on Google Play.

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