Disney Movies Anywhere News Event

th UPDATE 11/4:
Disney Movies Anywhere can now link to Google Play! By linking to a Google Play account, you will get a free copy of Wreck It Ralph added to your account. The free movie will also transfer to all your linked accounts, including iTunes (if linked to the same DMA account).

Disney Movies Anywhere is having a news event tomorrow (Nov. 4) in which it has lifted the hopes of many people of what will be announced. The internet forums are a blaze of speculation and desires by the fans. Though DMA (Disney Movies Anywhere) was launched last year, it has only been available on Apple products. Some technical people have done some digging on the DMA website and found code that may link DMA to Google Play as well.

The DMA platform is powered by Apple’s iTunes digital storage system and many have desired for Android support. It only makes sense for DMA to come to Android since the Android market share is bigger than iOS, but Disney has always had a close relationship with Apple. In the past when linking a DMA account with an iTunes account, would net a free copy of the Incredibles. Though I am not sure if the promo is still live.

A few technical people have also looked at the website code found on the DMA website and found iterations of calls to Google Play and Vudu, though the links have been removed. The links could have been set up for test purposes and do make people wonder what the links were intended for.

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