Digital Formats By Studio

All of Hollywood has jumped on the streaming bandwagon, though you can watch a variety of movies and t.v. shows from a variety of studios on Netflix! There is not one standard for all studios on how to deliver digital products.

Here is a grid on how movies studios offer their movies and t.v. shows with the purchase of a DVD or Blu-Ray. Keep in mind when redeeming a code from a DVD purchase, you will most likely get an SD version of that product. While a code from a Blu-Ray will redeem an HD or HDX version of that product.

Studios: Ultraviolet: Digital Copy (iTunes): Redeem Links: Notes:
Sony Pictures Yes No
Warner Brothers Yes No
Paramount Pictures Yes Yes

Same code works on both UV and iTunes

Blu-Rays come with UV and iTunes, DVDs come with UV only

Universal Pictures Yes Yes  Same code works on both UV and iTunes
20th Century Fox  Yes  Yes  Same code works for either UV or iTunes
LionsGate  Yes  Yes for UV for UV & iTunes

Same code works on both UV and iTunes
Anchor Bay Yes No Redeemable on Vudu, Target Ticket or Flixster
Disney (after June 11, 2013) No Yes No Digital Copy Disc needed. Movies can be redeemed on Vudu, TargetTicket, iTunes and various other providers.
Disney (prior to June 11, 2013)  No  Yes  iTunes app  Digital Copy Disc needed to unlock movies on iTunes


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    • Brian
      February 16, 2016

      20Th Century Fox changed to UV =OR= ITunes but not both anymore so depending on what movie it’s for it may be one or the other but all newer ones are =OR=

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