Amazon in Talks to Join Ultraviolet

amazon-logo-smile Amazon and Ultraviolet are not two words you hear often in one sentence. But Amazon could be joining the Ultraviolet revolution if talks continue. Various news outlets are reporting the online e-commerce site is in talks with 3 movie studios to the join the ultraviolet system. With Amazon jumping on board, this could bring Ultraviolet to a large number of new users (already Amazon members).

Currently Amazon plays by its own rules and offers movies using Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant. Prime is a subscription service (like Netflix), while Instant is a purchase to own or rent (like Vudu).

While there are currently 20 million registered accounts for UltraViolet, each account holds an average of just five movies, possibly caused through requiring users to not only sign up for an account in the first place, but to also enter in a code supplied with the movie disc.

Currently Apple owns the largest part of the digital streaming sales at an estimate of 58 percent of the market in 2013. But bringing Amazon on Ultraviolet, those numbers could easily change in a few months.

Though talks have been going on for a few months, Amazon is not sold on Ultraviolet yet. Amazon would like to see more movies studios in the discussions before moving forward. There have also been some technological issues that need to be addressed before moving forward.

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