10 Million Roku Units Sold

Today Roku announced 10 Million units have been sold in the U.S. since its debut in 2008. That is an amazing feat for a company that revolutionized the set top market with apps. Though other companies have tried to take a chunk of the market, I will always be a devoted Roku follower.

Just over six years ago we shipped the very first Roku player to stream Netflix to the TV and now our players are synonymous with TV streaming. Today Roku players feature more than 1,800 channels – that’s 1,000 more channels than available on other streaming players. And because of this vast selection of entertainment, Roku players stream more than other streaming players. In fact, new NPD data1 found that Roku is the popular choice among streaming players and accounts for an aggregate 37 million hours of video streamed per week compared to Apple TV at 15 million hours, Chromecast at 12 million hours and Amazon Fire TV at six million hours. You’re also referring your friends to Roku more than any other streaming device, according to NPD. Thank you!

Here are some fun infographic facts created by Roku:


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